Today I continue testing performance of Duino coin on different hardware,
In this video I will run Duino coin miner on Lenovo Yoga with  I3-6006U CPU.
First I downloaded miner release from GitHub

Extract archive and run PC_Miner.exe

It asks to enter username of Duino coin wallet
Set mining intensity,  recommended is 95 percent
Set mining threads, I choose all available
Select mining difficulty you want want to use, I use high difficulty
Do you want to add an identifier (name) to this rig? I prefer to set names of rigs
Enter desired rig name: writing rig name
Set developer donation level (0-5) (recommended: 1), this will not reduce your earnings: I chose 1
Miner started and average mining speed is 3.31 mega hash per second

Duino Coin mining on Raspberry Pi 3
Duino coin fasthash library compiling on Raspberry Pi 3


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