First i update all packages by command:
apt update
Next upgrade packages:
apt upgrade
Install requested packages:
apt install proot wget git
Clone Ubuntu for Termux from GitHub:
git clone
Go into cloned directory:
cd ubuntu-in-termux
Make Ubuntu installation script executable:
chmod +x
Run script:
After script finish installation, run ubuntu:
Ubuntu started, update repositories:
apt update
Then upgrade it:
sudo apt upgrade
Install all requested packages:
sudo apt install wget proot git build-essential cmake libuv1-dev libmicrohttps-dev libssl-dev
After packages installed, clone xmrig miner from GitHub:
git clone
Go into cloned directory:
cd xmrig
Make directory build:
mkdir build
Go into created directory:
cd build
After compiling and making finished, run miner:
Miner says that i need config file and stops, exit ubuntu:
Install in Termux termux-setup-storage package:
Run Ubuntu one more time:
I created configuration file on xmrig website
Added pool
Added my wallet, and worker name
In the end of wizard, downloaded config file and stored it on my phone
Now running miner again:
Miner started and average mining speed is 788 H/s

Mining Monero XMR on Raspberry pi 3 with xmrig miner.
Duino coin mining on Nokia 3 android phone


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